Basking in the Waves...

Hello! I'm Jozelyn.

These excerpts are the everyday simplicity of my mind, most likely morphed into a string of long-winded metaphors.

I am extremely passionate, a lover of the ocean, consumed by politics, entranced by microbiology, and trying to embrace a hippie lifestyle.

I wish eternal happiness and betterment to all that read this, and all who don't. Perhaps I'm idealistic, but I truly believe we can make a difference.

Pisces sun, Gemini moon, Sagittarius rising.

Sun 4
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Waking up on the platform 



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Harem by copper9lives

(Photo: Patrik Stollarz / AFP)

Orchid Dendrobium Sm Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Nightmares spindled through my mind in a creative representation of last night- which was not bad but exhausting.

Sometimes alcohol and I do not get along- sometimes we’re best friends.